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Leroi studio has achieved a leading rank in animation, vfx and VR industry.

Leroi studio has achieved a leading rank in animation, vfx and VR industry.

Since a decade, we gained a successful experience across the world in developing interactive 3D tools, 3d animations, corporate films, commercial films and video explainers to increase the sales and engage clients in the fields of cine industry, televisions, education field, real estate, medical sector and other corporate business promoters.

Our clients entrusted us and permitted to bring up new creative ideas and advanced technologies to develop the goal of accelerating the sales cycle.

Leroi studio offers elegant photo/video – realistic renderings, 3D Visualization Services, 3D Character Modeling Services, 3D Furniture Modeling Services, 3D Product Animation Services.

Leroi Render farm is India’s largest farm located in Bangalore & Chennai. The Leroi Render farm team has over 10 years of experience within the 3D animation and computer hardware industries.

Leroi studio is always there to bring up your imaginations and ideas from scratch to live in the 3D virtual world.

You will be able to control or execute them with a tablet, a computer, a VR player or in any platform to access complementary information, such as renderings or animations across multiple screens.

Leroi studio develops cutting-edge Animation for any professionals. During events or at your sales office, you can now help your client’s project into their future target and speed up them for decision making.

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