Personal Data Protection

1. General Remarks
“ Personal data” describes the information of the individual. The information is
about personal or factual matters related to an individual. Personal data will be collected, saved, modified, transferred and used to the extent as per law or as per your agreement. You have the right to revoke at any point in time. You can revoke any authorization which you have agreed to grant earlier with effect immediately.
We would like to point out that the security for the transfer of data via the internet is not fool-proof. It is an impossible task to protect data from third-party access without any leaks.
2. Provider
Leroi internet provider collects and saves personal data in “log files” which your browser transfers to Leroi automatically. The log files contain the information about the date and the time of the request, the referrer URL (the IP address that redirected you to this website after you clicked on the given link)the hostname of the accessing computer, your operating system, and name of the browser and version being used.

3. Contacting us
When you contact us via the contact form or on our website by e-mail or chat we will be saving the personal data. The saved data is used for processing your request and to know your needs exactly to answer your queries which might arise in the future.
4. Payment Processes
In instances of making UPI payments where third parties are involved such as PayPal the required data will be transferred to the third party.

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