Our Terms & Condition


Our deliveries, services, and offers are exclusively made on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

The managing directors and authorized signatories at Leroi are entitled to make verbal agreements. Leroi employees are not entitled to make any verbal agreements with the customer into any part of the contract in deviation with the general terms and conditions.

General terms and conditions


  1. The offers and prices mentioned in brochures, advertisements, and promotional material are not binding.
  2. The Leroi prices are exclusive of the statutory tax wherever it is applicable. 
  3. If in case Leroi fails to meet a binding delivery date or a delivery period we are entitled to be provided with a reasonable grace period of a minimum of two weeks by our customers.
  4. Leroi owns the ownership of the deliverables entirely till complete payment is done.
  5. The customer will attain the transfer rights and assigning rights only after the complete payment for the rendered services.
  6. The contract shall be concluded in English.
  7. The above mentioned general terms and conditions along with the contractual relationship between Leroi and the customer will fall under the jurisdiction of India.
  8. The priority statutory provisions for exclusive jurisdiction will remain unaffected.



Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree to all the above Terms and Conditions with Leroi.

I hereby acknowledge that I, “Client” am authorized to create a Leroi account, and authorized to make payment to Leroi. As a Client am authorized to upload content to Leroi for rendering production.

By getting access to Leroi, downloading Leroi’s desktop client application (Leroi Software) or uploading content to be rendered the Client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, applicable laws and regulations. The Client is aware of the fact that he/she is responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If any user does not agree with the above terms and conditions are prohibited from using or accessing Leroi. The content on the website and Leroi software fall under the subject to intellectual property law and are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.

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