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Leroi studio has been actively bringing creative ideas to life and unleashed an entire world of entertainment for you.

An experience is walking the path of imagination.

Appealing stories from renowned storytellers with jaw-dropping visuals and apt content will lure you to the world of fantasy. Utilizing the latest technologies and devices, you can live these experiences and savour them where ever you are and however, you want to.

Online Render Farm

Leroi offers Cpu and Gpu rendering @ Rs.60* per hour* onwards, Check our Pricing guide.
Check out Our cloud rendering  quick start guide on how to get your rendering service done.
We support all the software which are render enabled, Check our Supported Software page.
All your Questions regarding online render are answered in our Faq Page.


Leroi is India's Largest and user friendly Cloud rendering services.


Supported 3d Software:
3ds max, Maya, Maxon Cinema 4d, Blender, SketchUp, Fusion, NukeX.

Supported Renderers & Plug-ins:
Arnold, Corona, Vray, Redshift, Octane, Scanline, Itoo Forest Pack, Itoo RailClone, PhoenixFD, BerconMaps, MultiTexture, Quad Chamfer, Color Correct

We provide 24/7 Support – 300 Days around year.


3ds max render farm


Maya render farm


Blender render farm


Cinema 4d render farm


Vray render farm


Red Shift Gpu render farm


Check for more in Supported Software Page

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Popular Faq’s

How do render farms work?

Render farms work by distributing the load on a single computer across multiple networked computers. In the case of farms serving web requests, requests coming from several clients are distributed across various servers using cluster managers. Similarly, in case of render farms used for media rendering, media is broken into parts which are then sent across to multiple servers for parallel rendering.

Render farms required when the numbers of requests are more than what a single server can handle, or in resource-intensive operations such as image processing, animation rendering, live broadcasts, batch media conversion, etc.

How much time will I save with a render farm?


Render Farms work on scalability; the concept of a farm means that many machines can be pulled together to work on a specific task.

Scenario: Render time on your workstation


Project Size: 1 Min Video @ 25 Fps = 1500 Frames for rendering.

Average time per frame: 30 Minutes

Your System Config: I7 7th Gen 7700K Processor, 4.2 GHz        

Time to render in your system: 750 Hrs.

Estimation in Leroi Renderfarm:      750 Hrs job shall be distributed in 250 nodes to obtain output in 3 Hrs.

What is render in cloud?

Cloud render farm is a service, accessible over the Internet, which can be used to render various kinds of projects – usually 3D /compositing /video. The farm accelerates the rendering process by distributing the computing task over a large number of resources. The result is that a project can are done significantly faster – think hours instead of weeks for large renders.

Render Farms are generally Cloud or datacentre based. They provide their computing power, and you have to pay to use their resources.

How is Leroi Render Farm unique from Rebus Farm or Fox Renderfarm?

Leroi Renderfarm is the most Economical, Transparent and User-friendly farm in industry.
Our charges are on per hour basis only, and it includes data Upload and Download. Free Sample renders of all scenes or cameras available in the project file.

We don’t confuse users with Cost per Ghz or Cost per Core.

At Leroi Renderfarm all projects are on high priority, and there are no long waiting queues to render your projects, We don’t isolate clients.

Our Estimation after sample renders are the final payable cost; hence, we wouldn’t insist you recharge unreasonably.

We create Custom workflow for unsupported Software & Plugins.

24/7 Support for all users at Leroi Renderfarm with access to rectify the error in files.

At Leroi Render Studio

We create interactive Animation, Architectural, explainer videos and Virtual Reality solutions to support new marketing development.

We showcase your real estate projects in real-time 360° with 3d interactive Tools. We have our render farm setup; hence, we save your time & money.

Architectural Animation and Walkthrough

Leroi Offers Architectural Animation, Architectural Visualization, Interior Visualization, Exterior Visualization, 3D Floor Plan Design Services, 3D Walkthrough Animation and more

3D Modelling & Animation Services

Leroi offers 3D Visualization Services, 3D Character Modeling Services, 3D Furniture Modeling Services, 3D Product Animation Services, 3D Tours and 360 3D panorama

Virtual and Augmented Reality Services

Leroi Can Produce the best VR & AR 360° videos, VR & AR videos for Real estate, Advertising, Edutainment, Gaming, Product Industries, Medical and more

Animation, Explainer & Product Video Services

Leroi offers your company with mesmerizing & eye-popping visuals using 2D Animation Services, 3D Animation Services, Explainer Videos Services, Product Animation Services

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