Renderfarm Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What 3D Software package is used?

We currently support:
– Autodesk 3DS Max with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render and Scanline renderer
– Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Maya software and Arnold Renderer.
– Maxon Cinema 4D with Advanced Render, Physical Renderer, Maxwell Render, Arnold Renderer and VRAY  for C4D.
– Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer.

Please Check our Supporterd Software page for Details*

What are Leroi Render Farm Tech Specs?

Dual Intel Xeon Processors 32 Cores

E52660 / X5650/ X5670/ X5690

64 GB Memory

40 GBPS Network

Why Should I render with LEROI?

We honestly believe that you won’t find anywhere a better combination of price, performance, ease of use and support.

How does your pricing compare to other farms?

We have the lowest cost per render among any commercial render farms, because we are more effective at utilizing our hardware.

We created a pretty advanced system which maximizes hardware utilization. We know how to use computers at full-capacity only when they are needed and how to make them switch between tasks very quickly.

How Leroi is Unique among other render farms?

On the Leroi, every client and every project is looked at high priority. We do not isolate clients as high or low priority.

All the projects are rendered with our dedicated render nodes.

Pricing and Estimation

We don’t confuse clients with “cost per Ghz per Hour”, Our Charges are @ RS.40/- Per Hour Per Node Onwards.

How can I estimate the cost of the project?

We perform test renders first on all your project files and then estimation is shared on “Total Renders Hours in Leroi Render Farm * Cost per Hour”.

How do i make payment?

You can pay via VISA CARD, CREDITS CARD, and PayPal or by Direct bank account transfer. Payment received acknowledgement shall be shared after successful payment realization only.

What is your capacity?

Our Render Farm is loaded with mix of 2400+ Intel Xeon 16 Core V1 processors to 64 CoreV3 Processor with 64Gb dedicated Ram to every 16 core node for CPU renders.

GPU Renders: We can provide 120+ GPU cards capacity with 1080 and above spec in each render node.


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